Ethical Code of Practice

We are bound by the following ethical code of practice in all dealings with clients.

Policy Statement:

Instructors will be on time to commence training
All confirmed bookings will be delivered
Instructors will be properly groomed and clothed
Instructors will be supportive and provide feedback on the issues and not the person
Instructors will have a responsible attitude towards:
Consumption of drugs and alcohol
Confidentiality and trust
Delivery of cost effective and quality services
Instructors will provide a professional and relaxed atmosphere
Instructors have zero tolerance for inappropriate language or behaviour
Instructors have zero tolerance for sexual harassment
Instructors will provide a safe working environment and maintain a system to report and record injuries.
Complaints Policy:

All complaints will be dealt with as follows:

i) In the first instance the instructor will talk to the student. If no resolution, then:

ii) the manager will talk to the student. If still no resolution, then:

iii) an unbiased third party will be sought to mediate the dispute.

Appeals Policy:

i) Complaints must be made in writing within 7 business days of any incident.

ii) Management must try to resolve the complaint within 14 business days or:

iii) Parties must appoint an unbiased mutually acceptable third party to mediate (solicitors, Dispute Resolution Centre etc).