Bradley Hall, the owner of InBalance Motorbike Training, is an Accredited Rider Trainer licensed to provide Q-Ride motorcycle training in Queensland.

Brad Hall Motorbike Training Brisbane

Brad offers one-on-one motorcycle lessons on the Hervey Bay, Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane roads to ensure that your Q-Ride experience is second to none.

Queensland Transport requires you to have held a car licence for 12 months before you can obtain your motorbike learners licence – so if this is you:

1. Practice the exam at the Queensland Transport website

2. Get your motorcycle learners licence from Queensland Transport

3. Go to Q-Ride and contact us and learn the fundamentals of safe motorcycle training and to obtain your open licence

InBalance Motorbike Training, as the name implies, offers a complete and balanced motorcycle lesson program.

Knowledge of road-craft and professional and safety conscious rider attitudes are all drawn together to provide the safest motorcycle training available (Hervey Bay, Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane clients are welcome).

We do not have a “mother duck” out on the road with 5 ducklings of varying skills…. one on one ensures value for money and safety for your motorcycle lessons.

Learner Approved Motorcycles

Students can learn the fundamentals of safe motorcycle training on these motorbikes :

Virago 250
Virago 535
Honda CBF 250
Virago 750